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Small Business Survival Guide [53 Pages]

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Table Of Content:

Table of Contents 4

It May Be Hard, But Don’t Give Up 6

Manage Your Mindset 11

Follow these steps to overcome a negative mindset 13

Clarify the Problem 15

Some common problems businesses face are 17

Focus on Your Customers 20

Conduct A SWOT Analysis 24

Strengths 26

Weaknesses 26

Opportunities 27

Threats 27

Create Objectives and A Plan 29

Reduce Costs 32

Follow this process to reduce your costs: 32

Manage Your Cash Flow 37

Here’s a quick way to evaluate your cash flow: 37

Meet With An Accountant 40

Use Low-Cost Marketing 43

Be Persistent, Be Creative, and Pivot 47

There are numerous ways you can pivot your business: 50

Take Action Today 52