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Social Selling 101 [52 Pages}

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Table of Contents:

Table of Contents 3

Chapter 1: Social Media The Client At- traction Goldmine 5

What You Will be Learning 7

Chapter 2: Facebook and LinkedIn The Powerhouses 9

Facebook 10

LinkedIn 12

LinkedIn has a ton of tools at your disposal and some interesting quirks that you’ll need to understand before you can use the platform as your client- getting workhorse: 13

The Runner-Ups 16

These two social media platforms are also popular: 16

Chapter 3: What Sets Social Media Apart From Other Client-Getting Systems? 18

Cold Calling 20 Cold Email 21 Public Networking Events 23 Social Media 24

Chapter 4: Successful Social Selling Mindset 26

Chapter 5: What Content to Post and When (Content Rotation) 30

Posting Content in Groups 31

Try these effective strategies to post content in groups: 31

Posting Content on Your Own Timeline 32

Try these techniques: 32 Content Rotation and Schedule 35 .... and more